“Rick Solano knows how to release the inhibiting human attitudes that prevent a better life, both mentally and spiritually.”

- JM, Editor
"Thank you for changing my life."

- RS, MBA, Sales Executive
“You have made a profound influence on myself and my family.  Thank you.”

- AT, CPA, MBA, Business & Financial Consultant,
"Eye-popping! I learned more about the attitudes, tools, and strategies necessary to be successful than I ever imagined."

- RW, Lawyer
“You are a terrific man! You are a terrific motivator, and you are an extremely spiritual person. God wants you to help many people with their businesses and empower them. There was a strong sense of brotherhood there for me yesterday, a sense of truth that came from you, and bonded with my heart. I am so grateful for that experience. As I drove home, I held the thought ‘and the woods came alive with people from all over the world’! I was thinking of your space, Rick, a wonderful space.”

- RG, Businesswoman